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Bayshore Solutions

You need a team that can take creative direction and implement the technology of web development that will make it a living, breathing application. Our Technology Services team focuses on implementing software platforms, writing custom code, and providing hosting infrastructure to ensure your campaigns are always available. We consider scalability, architecture, database administration, and integration points to drive optimal results.

CMS Development, Mobile Development, Custom Development

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Akavit Group

Akavit (the agency, not the booze) is a full-service interactive, application development and web technology company, which is quite a mouthful. To put it simply, we bring unmatched digital expertise to clients in all industries—entrepreneurial to enterprise.

Over the past seven years, we’ve actively participated in the transformation of the global Digital Marketing landscape—from bloated and verbose to elegant and effective. Our standard of beauty includes efficacy, durability and return on investment. The harmonious alignment of strategy, creative, and development at Akavit is a product of assembling this group from the ground up to compete with the best digital shops in the world.

Our work starts with insights and strategy—becoming intimately familiar with how your customers think and operate. It ends with powerful digital tools that drive conversions and brand awareness – personalized storefronts, optimized responsive design, advanced search, targeted content, mobile apps, social campaigns, search campaigns—whatever it takes to hit your target and leave an impression.

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