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Moxie Sozo

Moxie Sozo is a full-service design and advertising agency, located on historic Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. The award-winning firm is known for highly original work and rarely losing accounts. Clients range from ski and sports, to fashion and foods. Their offices are adorned with an eclectic collection of antique taxidermy, medical prints and signs from around the world. Moxie Sozo is the first ever certified Zero Waste, 100% carbon neutral, 100% renewable-energy powered, design and advertising firm in the world.
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Revive Design Studios

Revive Design Studios was started out of the desire to craft really beautiful & useful websites. It’s since grown to include app (iOS and Android) design and development, branding, and logo design.

Design for Problem Solving

We believe that great design is backed by problem solving. So, when we get a request for work, we dig into the “why’s” of the request so we can really understand the issues behind the request. Once we understand the basis of the request, then we fuse that with our knowledge of how people use the web, apps, and interpret branding to produce a functional, attractive piece that’s maintainable and useful in the future.

“Giving something your time isn’t the same as giving it your attention.” ~Jesse James Garrett

Breahna Beecher

Breahna founded Revive Design Studios in 2011. She’s formally trained in Web Technologies and put her emphasis on Graphic Design in college. Her degree coupled with a background in Website Project Management enabled her to bring a well-rounded skill set to every project.

In September 2014 she traveled back to her home state of Iowa to teach HTML/CSS/Responsive Web Development at DevIowa, a University of Iowa web development bootcamp.

For more details, her resume is located on LinkedIn.

Volunteer Projects

In order to give back to the community and support other entrepreneurs, Breahna co-hosts 1 Million Cups Denver. An event that runs at Galvanize every Wednesday at 9am.

In March 2015, she spoke with Martha of Brown Bear Social at the University of Denver’s 20th Annual Women’s Conference regarding the Power of Entrepreneurship. Their presentation was centered around helping other women define how to be successful in starting their own businesses.

She presented at EntreFest on Advanced WordPress methods and judging the Iowa Future Business Leaders of America Digital Design and Promotion category in March 2013. She also co-hosted a monthly web development meetup from March 2012-March 2013. This group is open to anyone interested in web design and development. Beyond that, she teamed up to host and support a casual Iowa City Tech Group from March 2012-March 2013. This group is focused on getting techies together. Both groups are still active to this day.


She was a finalist in the 2013 Principal Financial Group Women of Innovation Awards, presented by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI). The nomination was in the Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership award category.

go-to-market strategy

As a consultant in go-to-market strategy I am bias to the notion that one of the first things a startup must find is their ideal customer. One of my clients recently did some intense work developing a customer persona to pursue for their SaaS solution and that is just one important element of go-to-market.

As a founder one of the most important things you must do is learn whether or not your idea resonates with its market. So many founders get an idea then they develop that idea around their own experience with its function or value proposition before they even think of testing it on others. This is a first mistake that we have all made as founders. Just because we think our invention solves a need for ourselves or the immediate group surrounding us doesn’t mean it will resonate with enough customers to make it a successful product or business. Understanding this will help you decide whether this is a cottage business idea or a scalable global sensation.

One way to visualize finding your customer persona is to imagine the circles of a target. Then imagine them shuffled out of symmetry, add several more “center target” sized circles scattered about, and you are looking for the smallest circle closest to the center of your new disheveled target. Once you find it that’s only the beginning.

Can you reach these people quickly to test your idea? Are they even looking for your product, service, or solution? Do they even need it?

Until the iPhone was released most people did’t know what they were missing. Now a new generation looks at most single purpose devices that were absorbed by smartphones, watches, cameras, calculators, maps, alarm clocks, video cameras, and don’t forget phones, and they say, why?

My advice to founders who have what they believe to be a runaway, slam dunk, idea is to put their alpha, beta, prototype, or MVP into the hands of their ideal customer according to the persona they have at least contemplated and listen what they have to say. Then repeat, a lot.

Once you have discovered that the unicorns trotting on rainbows in your head actually have traction with your market then develop a pitch and go looking for money to back it.